Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Testing Division


  1. Alabama Power – Birmingham, Al.
    Contact: Randy Nelson (205) 226-1242
    Work: Relay Testing/Reliability and Substation
    Commissioning on Transmission and Distribution
    Substations up to 500kV including the integration of
    new Transmission Stations through-out the State of
    Alabama for 6+ years on a continuing contractual
  2. Georgia Power Company – Atlanta, GA
    Contact: Jack Hawkins (404) 608-5552
    Work: Test Engineering Services for SCADA
    upgrades and relay testing on Transmission and
    Distribution Substations up to 500kV through-out
    the State of Georgia for 10+ yrs on a continuing
    contractual base.
  3. City of Anaheim – Anaheim, CA
    Contact: Tracy Cooke (714) 765-6894
    Work: Substation Testing & commissioning
    including Areva 69kv and Siemens 12kV
  4. Progress Energy Crystal River – Florida
    Contact: Randy Corbett (813) 426-4493
    Work: Testing & Commissioning of Progress
    Energy’s EPCR Unit 4 & 5 FGD & SCR Upgrades
    and integration of equipment into existing plant
    including MAT/RAT Transformers and Protection
    Schemes, MV Switchgear, Relays & Auto Transfer
  5. XceL Energy – Seminole, TX
    Contact: Chance Hedger (806) 378-4171
    Work: Testing and Commissioning of 230/115 kV
  1. Treasure Coast Energy Center – Ft. Pierce
    Contact: FPL Sub – Steve Opatas (561) 662-9903
    Contact: PP – Matt Marshall (270) 408-1415 or
    Rifat Kantarcioglu (678) 333-8071
    Work: Testing and Commissioning of a 500
    Megawatt Generation Station along with the
    complete testing and integration of Florida Power
    & Lights Ralls 230kV Transmission Substation
  2. Florida Public Utilities – Fernandina Beach
    Contact: Jorge Puentes (904) 261-3664
    Work: Installation & Testing of (2) Distribution& Transmission Stations
  3. Oglethorpe Power – Franklin, GA
    Contact: Randy Cole (678) 423-7031 Ext. 236
    Work: Generator Transformer Maintenance
    and Relay testing for Power Plant
  4. Tawhiri Wind Farm / Pakini Nui Sub/ Kamaoa
    Switching Station – Naalehu, Hawaii
    Contact: Tawhiri Power – Steve Pace (650) 358-1550
    Contact: HELCO – Troy Hill (808) 896-8168
    Work: Complete testing and Commissioning of a
    69/34.5kV Pakini Nui Substation and 34.5kV Collector
    Bus System and integration of GE’s WFMS (Wind
    Farm Management System) also including testing,
    Commissioning and integration of HELCO’s Kamaoa
    69kV Switching Station.
  5. Wind Energy Transmission of Texas
    Contact: Brad Ballard (512) 516-9192
    Work: 6 345kV switchyards in various places in Texas.
    Testing of 345kV substation equipment. Relay testing,
    SCADA testing, RTAC checkouts and HMI Funtionals.
    end-to-end testing with 7 different utilities.
    Cottonwood Switchyard – 13 breaker ring bus
    Faraday Switchyard – 3 breaker ring bus
    Longdraw Switchyard – 7 breaker ring bus
    Sand Bluff Switchyard – 5 breaker ring bus
    Grelton Switchyard – 4 braker ring bus with Cap Banks
    Bearkat Switchyard – 2 breaker switchyard